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How to keep on top of the cleaning during Christmas

As advent flies by, the Christmas festivities loom large in everyone’s mind. However, this might leave you feeling overwhelmed with all the many things that you need to get done in preparation. Don’t be! Christmas is a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends, so you should enjoy it. That’s where Bizzy Maid comes in – we are here to make sure you are as prepared for the incoming of Santa Clause as you can be. Yes, Christmas celebrations can mean a lot of cleaning up afterwards such as tackling dirty dishes, washing eggnog stains off the carpet, and binning all the wrapping paper from present opening, but these tasks shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the festivities. Whether you’re hosting a family meal, receiving guests, or visiting relatives and neighbours, here are a few suggestions for how to stay on top of the cleaning during Christmas…

#1 Get organised ahead of time

A thorough clean before Christmas to make sure everything is spotless and tidy before your guests arrive will go a long way towards maintaining your housekeeping routine. This will also minimise how much time you will have to spend cleaning up when everyone else has gone home. A great tip is putting together a pre-Christmas checklist of jobs that you feel need to be prioritised, these may include…

  • Take all your decorations out of storage
  • Make sure all of you bed linens and towels are clean in case you are expecting guests
  • Dry clean any Christmas party outfits
  • Stock up on cleaning products
  • Clean or dust any special dishware and polish the silverware

#2 Organise a professional oven clean

Christmas is all our enjoying feasting with family and friends, so another great way to prepare is to organise a professional oven clean! Hire a professional to come and give your oven a thorough clean. That way you can focus on the sumptuous snacks you’re going to serve your guests rather than going into battle against the grime and grease that have built up over the year.

#3 Clean all countertops

Once the festivities begin, things will get busy! So stay on top of the cleaning and make sure your countertops are prepared for Christmas. Give them a good clean both before the big day and while you’re cooking. It’s vital to wipe surfaces after preparing your Christmas food as uncooked meats can leave germs and bacteria behind. It’s also worth giving your shelves, chairs and furnishings a once-over to remove any stains or build-up of dust. The same goes for your dining table. A good polish can go a long way!

#4 Get help

If you’re feeling stressed about keeping on top of the cleaning this Christmas then be sure to ask for help! The house is always full of people over December, and especially little helpers off school for the holidays. If you have children, younger siblings, cousins and so forth, give them chores to help out over the Christmas period – be sure to make it fun or even a competition to keep them busy!

#5 Keep on top of the washing

Whether you are staying at home this year or travelling around the country visiting family and friends, the washing can pile up fast! So be sure to keep on top of loads so that’s one thing ticked off your to-do list! Alternatively, get someone to give you a helping hand with laundry services.

Put your feet up and let Santa do the rest….!

Let Bizzy Maid help you with your Christmas cleaning preparations!

Here at Bizzy Maid we know too well the importance of having a clean and tidy home this Christmas, so if you’re interested in household cleaning services we are on hand to help! If you’re interested in any of our fantastic cleaning services in our respective locations please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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