We strive to bring you excellent domestic cleaning services at an affordable price.

Here are some questions that will show you what we do. If you need any more information please call or email and we will be happy to answer your queries.

What do I need to sign for you to clean for me?

You sign a contract which enables us to clean for you over a thirteen week period there after on a one month rolling basis.

How do you find such good house cleaners?

We pride ourselves in vetting each self-employed house cleaner thoroughly. Our extensive interviewing techniques allow us to be able to offer fantastic house cleaners. We do this time and time again and you will see that it works. Only when we are 100% satisfied with our cleaners will we allocate them work.

If I engage your services how long does it take for you to find me a cleaner?

We act swiftly and, in some cases, can issue a house cleaner on the same day as your enquiry.

Do I have the same house cleaner every week?

Yes, you fix a time that works for both of you and our casual part time house cleaner will assist you either weekly or bi weekly.

What is the minimum time required for my clean?

Two hours is the minimum cleaning session and unlike a lot of agencies we DON’T CHARGE A PREMIUM for bi weekly cleaning.

How will my house cleaner know what to do in my home?

Your house cleaner will arrange to meet you and you can discuss your requirements thoroughly. Our cleaners welcome feedback on their cleans as they want to do the best job for their customers.

What happens if I think I would prefer another house cleaner?

No problem just let your designated area manager know and they will sort everything out. We have many cleaners and are sure one will be perfect for your requirements.

Where can my house cleaner work?

Inside your home but we are not insured for work outside of your home.

Can I choose the day my cleaner comes?

Yes, we work Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm.

Can my cleaner do general housekeeping as well as cleaning?

Yes, we find our customers love the flexibility of having general cleaning as well as other household duties. Some of our most popular are ironing and bed changing. You can prioritise jobs on a rotational basis which means that no jobs get missed! Imagine having someone else help you keep the home you have always wanted but may not have had the time to achieve.

Is my cleaner insured in my home?

Yes, your house cleaner is insured for public liability and personal injury.

What happens if my cleaner is on holiday or sick?

Lots of customers only like to have their allocated cleaner. This is fine, but should you prefer to have cover we will endeavour to allocate a replacement cleaner to you. Our advanced booking system allows us to contact our floating cleaners who are looking for extra work in your area.

Do you bring cleaning products with you?

We use your cleaning products which keeps our prices down.

So, let us take the strain out of your cleaning requirements. It may change your life and give you the time to do the things that really matter to you…

If you’re interested in any of our fantastic services please get in touch now!